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A couple of quick notes – first off, congratulations Rose on a great piece HERE – if you are producing good work, the chances are you will get noticed –  Andrew Davies from Future Tense wants to broadcast Rose’s piece – and it is highly likely Claudia will want to air it on 360documentaries … so, that is a nice little problem to resolve.

Also – was contacted by the Immigration Museum last week – they are very excited about the My Tribe project – they see it as a bit of a model for a project they want to do and that it is doing interesting things etc etc. I’m currently trying to convince them to put up some prize money for contributors… will let you know how I go.

In the meantime – Could you be the ‘difference’ and win $5000?


Museum Victoria is offering a $5,000 award for up to 2 young emerging new media artists.
We are looking for innovative proposals for digital projects that can be exhibited online as part of a 3 year project called Talking Difference.
The aim is to inspire conversations between and within cultures about difference and commonality.
Your project could utilise any form of digital media.  It could be a short film, interactive game, online interactive artwork, digital public art project, mobile phone application… the possibilities are endless.
For more information and application form go to:  http://museumvictoria.com.au/talkingdifference



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