Notes about your SMP final report …

A few notes to help you with your SMP report:

written report Delivered as a final blog post, your report should summarise and evaluate your activities as an SMP (as evidenced by your regular blog entries), reflect back upon your initial goals and include a considered and well-argued self-assessment against the criteria outlined in your Job Plan.

Comm2322 Course Guide & Blog

Reports should be in the order of 900-1200 words – concise, well written and clearly presented. Also, you all have a 1 week extension – reports are now due Friday of week 13 (so email your tutor with your final blog post url by 5pm on Friday June 4)

We suggest you break the report up into three sections:

1, Summarise and evaluate your activities as a Social media producer.

  • Tell us all the things you did as a social media producer – include your tute-specific activities, your personal community building task, your work as a community mentor in Pool
  • Link to your SMP blog posts and reflections, Pool uploads and comments wherever possible – this evidences that you have done what you say you did (and is a way of saying more without going over the recommended word limit)
  • Evaluate your work in relation to what you thought you would do in the job plan – for example …  did you get your tute-specific activities done on time to an acceptable standard, did you successfully recruit, grow and harvest the community you targeted, were you a good ‘community mentor’ modeling recommended behaviours on Pool. Etc.

2, Extrapolate what you have learnt about the role of a Social Media Producer

  • What have you learnt about the role of the social media producer or the environment one works in or how to produce media socially… don’t try to cover it all – drill down on a specific area that is of interest to you or something you have discovered on your own …
  • You can be a bit free with this section and focus it how you wish – but do back up your statements

3, Self assessment for your SMP task

  • In the light of what you have done and what you have learnt – you need to give yourself a mark out of 100

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